Not sure about the real condition the vehicle, truck, motorcycle, boat, or ATV you want to purchase is in?

Xport Auto Sales’ Pre-Purchase Inspection Services is your answer!

  • From Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida we have a team of inspectors ready to go at a moment’s notice to get the details about any item you may want to purchase.
  • We offer photos along with interior and exterior condition reports, engine condition, as well as a brief condition of the vehicle.
  • We cover all the running car auctions, insurance salvage auctions, personal vehicle sales, e-bay auctions, other dealers, and more. Wherever the vehicle, motorcycle, boat, or ATV is, we can inspect it for you.

Did you know that many salvage dealers make cosmetic repairs to vehicles to make them more appealing and hiding the damages?

Do not be fooled... before you purchase anything have it inspected by an Xport Auto Specialist.

We also handle the payment process, title transfers, transport, shipping, storage, container loading, clearing of US Customs and more.


If you purchased a damaged vehicle, you are going to need parts. That’s been our backbone for many years! One of our parts specialists can provide you with a full parts estimate, with accurate pricing so that you are able to make the necessary repairs.

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